CHORIZO IBERICO .Iberian cular Chorizo. - 0.41 kg

  • Chorizo is a cured meat product (iberian sausage) elaborated from Iberian acorn-fed pork meats, mixed and seasoned with spices (paprika, garlic), and then inserted into natural casings to have a natural drying process (4-6 months).
  • Iberian Sausage is a typical Spanish product, it's main characteristic is the red color and spicy taste (due to spicy paprika).
  • The best way to taste this iberian sausage is making thin slices.


Our Iberian cular chorizo is artisan made, with a mixture of the best Iberian pig meat and natural spices.
Iberian cular chorizo artisan made from a selection of the best meat from Iberian pigs, the meat is carefully minced and seasoned with natural spices, a pinch of garlic, the best paprika and just the right amount of salt and additives, following a traditional recipe supervised by our master sausage maker.
The Iberian cular chorizo is supplied in pieces of approximately 1 kg, vacuum packed with a recommended consumption period of around 600 days.

This product should be stored in the fridge, once the vacuum seal is broken it should be completely removed from the bag and protected with cling film. It should be taken out of the fridge 30 minutes before consumption for full enjoyment of its characteristics and flavour.