Spanish Chorizo Recipes

Spanish Chorizo is the versatile ingredient of many authentic Spanish recipes.

Packed with flavour it adds depth and smoky spice to hundreds of recipes. Use Spanish chorizo in authentic Spanish recipes, as it has been used for centuries to add interest to basic ingredients, or create your own new chorizo recipes using this delicious sausage, inspired by its wonderful rich colour, deep smoky flavour and mouth-watering texture.

Spanish cooks keep two sorts of chorizo in their store cupboards. A firmer dry chorizo, which is sliced as needed and eaten just as it is for snacks and tapas, and a softer chorizo destined for cooking, with a slightly higher ratio of fat to meat, to add all the more flavour and succulence to the dish. It is still fine to cook with the firmer chorizos, they will add plenty of the same fantastic flavour, but if you can get a softer cooking chorizo you'll notice an added dimension in texture and flavour.

So what sort of dishes should you be looking at to showcase your genuine Spanish chorizo? In many Spanish recipes chorizo is the perfect partner to the main ingredient, for example when used with fish and shellfish. The chorizo provides the colour and spice, and a depth of flavour that allows the flavours of the fish to sing, without overpowering them. Cod and chorizo is one example of this combination where a fish that can be rather bland is shaken up and given new life by the vibrant chorizo. Clams, mussels and cockles also go well with chorizo, one of the original surf and turf combos.

In egg dishes chorizo steps forward as the star of the show, with the golden eggs acting as a foil to show off its rich colour and providing the perfect background to its spicy flavour. Traditional Spanish tortillas are brought to life with the addition of sliced chorizo. Simple scrambled eggs are raised from basic breakfast food to gourmet delight.

Chorizo provides a base note in many other traditional Spanish recipes too. The bean and sausage combination that works well in so many culinary traditions is given extra zest by the spiciness of the chorizo. Fabada, a rich bean stew, is warming and hearty, as are many of the traditional Spanish winter dishes. A baked rice dish with chorizo and chickpeas is another easy recipe that perfectly matches the chorizo with healthy but filling starches for satisfying winter meals.

And in summer when you're not looking for hearty meals, but rather want light meals with plenty of flavour, Spanish chorizo can add life and interest to simple salads, sliced or cubed. As the sausage is cured, needing no cooking, it is there and ready to eat, so meals can be prepared in minutes. Think of a bean salad with chorizo scattered on top, or avocado and chorizo, chorizo and potato salad, the possibilities are unlimited.

One thing is certain: with a good Spanish chorizo tucked away in your larder, you will never go short on flavour. There are so many delicious Spanish chorizo recipes to try!