ENRIQUE TOMAS - Bellota 100% Ibérico Ham Huelva - Pack 80gr

  • Vacuum-packed knife-sliced sachet of 80 gr. of weight.
  • This product comes from an Iberian pig 100 % fed on acorns during the Montanera-season and cured in Huelva. It is a product with an intense flavour that takes time to disappear from the palate.
  • Curing time: 36 months
  • This piece is from Huelva, without doubt the easiest-to-recognize flavor of all those among the Jamón Iberico. It is absolute, tasty, intense, a little smoky, unforgettable.
  • Bellota 100% Ibérico : In order for a piece to be considered 100% ibérica, it must have Bellota 100% Iberian race purity which means its parents must have also been 100% Iberian and must have been fattened in the last stage freely.


Jamón of Jabugo for lovers of intense flavours! Precisely an intense flavor is what you can enjoy with this sachet of Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico de Jabugo, slices cut by knife and vacuum packed to preserve all its aromas and maximum quality until the moment you decide to open it and taste it. Indulge yourself in a good Jamón Pata Negra with Enrique Tomás' comfortable sliced sachets, we assure you that the Jamón from Huelva will become most certainly one of your favourites.