ENRIQUE TOMAS - Córdoba Selection - Bellota 100% Ibérico

  • We present a new pack for you to discover the flavours of the best Iberian products in Spain. In this case, the box Flavours from Córdoba offers you the opportunity to try all the Bellota 100% Iberian products produced in this particular origin.
  • A comfortable and elegant presentation that contains: Bellota 100% Iberian Ham - 80gr Bellota Loin 100% Iberian - 80gr Bellota Chorizo 100% Iberian - 80gr Bellota Salchichón 100% Iberian - 80gr
  • This piece is from Córdoba, the youngest area in the production of quality ham. They make the most of the wonderful pastures they have around them to obtain a different, sparkling, tasty, intense and very nice jamón.
  • Bellota 100% Ibérico : In order for a piece to be considered 100% ibérica, it must have Bellota 100% Iberian race purity which means its parents must have also been 100% Iberian and must have been fattened in the last stage freely.


Our goal is that whenever you eat any of our products the enjoyment is maximum. That is why we have made the tasting boxes of the origin of the ham, so that you can see for yourself the character of each origin, in this case the youngest of all, from the Valley of Los Pedroches. With this box the Flavours from Córdoba you can have ham, lomo, Pata Negra chorizo and salchichón at home, that is, from 100% Iberian pigs fed on acorns during the Montanera-season and cured, in this case, in Córdoba.