Flowers Cortés 17805 – Rocking Stainless Steel Ham Stand

  • Ham Ham Stand or entirely made in Food Grade Stainless Steel, both the base and its grip, this ham is characterized in the whole range of flowers Cortez belong to the swing chairs, as it is called in its base a system Adjustable hammock in three positions Rotates on its axis for easy cutting ham in base to the need to have cutting or disposal of space in the place where cortemos.
  • Stainless steel food that enables easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Swing system that allows the cutting ham as needed.
  • Head of the lever of support in Octagon Shape That Enables Easy Handling in the swing of the ham a high stability.
  • Easy mounting and handling


Fully stainless steel professional rotating ham stand with tilting lever axis. Makes it easier to turn the ham without having to loosen it. U-shaped spike to hold the ham more effectively. Sizes available: 500 x 180 x 25 mm.