Abundio Chorizo Cular Iberico Bellota Slices 100 g

  • Iberico bellota chorizo - the best there is
  • Made from hand chopped cuts of loin
  • Fine slices for maximum enjoyment


A sliced pack of premium chorizo Iberico bellota from our supplier in Guijuelo, the home of Iberico meats. ÊThis is chorizo made from Iberian, acorn-fed pork. ÊOur supplier selects the best cuts (which is unusual for a chorizo) of loin and hand chops the meat. ÊSo rather than very generic, processed chorizo, you are getting an almost hand-made chorizo with larger than usual chunks of top-quality, juicy meat.

Words can't really do justice to just how special this chorizo is. ÊIt really doesn't get any better.

Let's break down the characteristics of this chorizo:

Chorizo: A cured sausage made from chopped pork loin and pork fat and flavoured with various spaces, most importantly pimenton.

Cular:ÊThis is the large-diameter format chorizo, perfect for hand or machine slicing. ÊThe casing is natural tripe of course.

Iberico:ÊIberico meats are fundamentally different from a 'Serrano' (or white) because the pig used is a different race - the black-footed, Iberian pig. ÊThe properties of the meat produced by this pig are what gives Iberico meat it's highly sought-after characteristics: a richer, darker colour; a stronger, more complex flavour; more prevalent, better flavoured fat.

Bellota:ÊSpanish for 'Acorn', but designating that the pig is entirely acorn fed. ÊFor a chorizo to be 'Iberico', it must be a black-footed pig, but acorn feeding is not compulsory. ÊThe cheaper Iberico chorizos are non-acorn fed , or 'Cebo'. ÊHowever, acorn feeding adds another, exquisite level to the flavour of the meat and makes it the most sought-after and delicious (and expensive).