Abundio Chorizo Iberico Vela 220g Approx.

  • A small chorizo stick for hand slicing
  • Made from top quality iberico pork
  • Perfect for snacking or picnics


A small chorizo 'vela' made from the highest quality iberico meat.

Let's break down the characteristics of this chorizo:

Chorizo: A cured sausage made from chopped pork loin and pork fat and flavoured with various spaces, most importantly pimenton.

Vela:ÊThis is a small diameter chorizo stick, which is great for slicing by hand for snacks, picnics and sandwiches.

Iberico:ÊIberico meats are fundamentally different from a 'Serrano' (or white) because the pig used is a different race - the black-footed, Iberian pig. ÊThe properties of the meat produced by this pig are what gives Iberico meat it's highly sought-after characteristics: a richer, darker colour; a stronger, more complex flavour; more prevalent, better flavoured fat.

Cebo:ÊThis is the non-acorn fed variety of Iberico meat. ÊWhilst the difference in price is enormous, the actual difference in flavour is not so massive. ÊThe main flavour components come from the fact that this is still an Iberico pig, which is common to both 'bellota' and 'cebo' varieties. ÊThe 'cebo' lacks the slight fruity/nutty edge which raises the 'bellota' to caviar status (and price).