REDONDO IGLESIAS - 1 Box containing 12 Packs Spanish SERRANO Assortment (chorizo, ham and salami) - 100g/pack

  • Box contains 12 packs / trays of Serrano products
  • Each tray contains 100g of Serrano chorizo, salchichon and jamon
  • Ideal to serve as an appetizer together with fresh bread and red wine
  • Dry-cured by the reputed Spanish family business 'Redondo Iglesias' with more than 100 years history
  • The ideal choice if you are a Spanish food lover!


12 Serrano assortment platters of 100g each. The assortment is composed of the most high quality Serrano products: Chorizo, Salchichon and Jamon (chorizo, salami and ham). The perfect choice to taste and enjoy the authentic worldwide known Spanish Serrano products.