4.5Kg+ Iberico Ham Shoulder Grass Fed | Spanish Jamon Pata Negra | Paleta Iberica de Cebo

  • Free Range Iberico Ham Shoulder from Guijuelo, Salamanca, Spain.
  • Directly from the producer this Pata Negra is the best priced on Amazon. This Iberico Ham Shoulder is classified with a Green Label.
  • Cured for 18+ months.
  • Weight: 4.5 Kg+.
  • Tasting notes: Distinct aroma and texture with a persistent aftertaste. Light acorn flavours and elegant salty touch. Presents a reddish cut. The Iberico Ham Shoulder is the most appreciated Jamon in the Spanish families due to its size and flavour.


The Iberico Ham Shoulder is the perfect choice for those looking for an intense and elegant flavoured Ham to share with loved ones. Ham Shoulders are the animal's front legs (Jamon is the back leg) and are renowned for their delicate yet rich nutty flavours. This particular ham shoulder is sourced from Salamanca in Spain, one of the Iberian locations famed for its Jamon production. The whole shoulder's average weight is 5 Kg. The finest ones are cured for 24 months and that provides an exquisite and intense flavour as the meat is closer to the bone than in Jamon (Back Legs). A true favourite in Spanish kitchens!