JAMON IBERICO DE BELLOTA. Hand carved acorn fed Iberian ham

  • Iberico Ham from Iberian pata negra pork, growing up in the region of Salamanca
  • Pure Iberico Ham Quinta Candela differs from the rest by its unique texture, aroma and incomparable flavor.
  • Iberico ham is probably the best-known Spanish product in the world due to its excellent quality.
  • Exquisite aroma and a unique bouquet flavor, an absolute delight for the senses.


Acorn fed Iberian ham hand carved by a master carver and vacuum sealed immediately after carving to preserve all the qualities of Iberian ham.
The highest quality Iberian ham, produced with meat from free range Iberian pigs fed solely on acorns and aromatic herbs.
Acorn fed Iberian ham, presented in 100g packets of professionally hand carved ham with each fine slice an exquisite morsel of ham.
The most conveniente way of always having the best carved ham available.
This ham is traditionally produced, from the choice of the best Iberian pigs to the 48 month drying process, beginning with salting and finishing with the hams being hung in bodegas where they attain all the characteristics that make it one of the best known Spanish gastronomic products.
Our acorn fed hams weigh around 8 kg, which we consider to be the optimum weight and is attained over a period of at least three years during which time the Iberian pigs forage freely for acorns and aromatic herbs. The daily physical exercise needed to feed themselves means that these animals have just the right amount of fat in their meat, which gives our acorn fed hams an exquisite flavour.
We recommend that you open the packet and remove the ham and let it rest for around 30 minutes before eating so that it can air and improve its flavour. Each packet is a single recommended serving.