San Jamon Iberico Ham, Iberico Lomo, Spanish Manchego Cheese Gourmet Hamper

  • 4 x 100 grams Iberian Jamón
  • 450 grams Iberian Lomo. Ingredients: meat of pig, salt and natural seasoning.
  • 250 grams Aged Sheep's Milk Cheese, World Cheese Awards, Best in Class
  • 200 grams Mixed Manchego Cheese, World Cheese Awards, Silver Medal
  • Direct from Spain


4 packs Iberico Ham Perfectly sliced Iberian Ham, obtained from the back legs of our Iberian pigs. These Hams are processed following the traditional methods that have been used for a very long time by the Master Ham makers in Salamanca and then dry cured for 36 months. Each vacuum pack weighs 100gr. Lomo Iberico de Bellota 0,400 grs. The Lomo Iberico or Iberian Loin is one of the most valued and tastes pieces. It is elaborated from the Loins of Iberian pigs that had a free-range diet feeding themselves on roots, shoots and the acorns (Bellotas) that they find abundantly in autumn. It is seasoned with Salt, Authentic Spanish Paprika and Garlic before it is inserted into a natural casing, then cured in a controlled environment. The marbled effect that you will notice on every slice is what makes the Lomo so distinctive giving it that delicate aroma and fantastic flavor. Aged Sheep's milk cheese 0,250 kg. World Championship Contest 2010 Best of Class, Hard Sheep´s Milk Cheese. A cheese for lovers of real cheese, strong cheese, cheese whose aftertaste invites you to try a little more. Made with unpasteurised sheep's milk, it is the product of tradition combined with modern technology. Matured for twelve months, it is a "culinary caprice". Accompanied by a good wine, it's an unbeatable appetiser. Goat´s Milk Cheese 0,250 kg. Given the characteristics of goat's milk, the cheese made from it has unique properties; it provides very good quality proteins. As for vitamins and minerals, this cheese is notable for calcium and Vitamin D. Goat's milk contains very low levels of lactose, which makes this cheese particularly useful for people with lactose intolerance.