Serrano Ham (7-8 kilos) Reserva from Spain (*Ham Stand not included)

  • Ships direct from Spain
  • The process of salting and drying in the Sierra makes this product very special with a curation time of 20 months in the traditional way.
  • *Holder and Knife/Sharpener NOT included
  • Ingredients: Pigs ham, salt and natural seasoning.


The Serrano ham is an extraordinary product that is obtained from the back legs of white pigs. It is an excellent piece with remarkable flavor and aroma. This product comes from a selection of our best pigs in Castilla y Leon. Our hams are characterized by a thin layer of fat that provides a delicious flavor and is very meaty and juicy. The slices cut from this piece will strike a perfect balance between slightly salty and a touch of sweetness -- the perfect complement to sliced melon or piled high on crusty bread and drizzled with olive oil.