3 Claveles Ham Knife Set Uniblock 29 cm, Sharpening Steel 20 cm Special and Tongs for food Ham + Gift Covers Jamon

  • Professional ham knife blade of the range Pom, alveolada closer and more flexible, which enables you to make fine lids to taste the best ham, as well as increasing the performance
  • The blade alveolada make easy work by creating an air space between the blade and the hardness HRC 56 Rockwell preventing this to be affixed to the blade, ham, ensuring optimum performance
  • Magnetic Round 20 Cm sharpening steel, forged carbon steel of hardness HRC 64 Rockwell, to maintain the cutting edge in perfect condition throughout the process of ham, Black Polypropylene Handle
  • Includes tongs professional food ham, ergonomic cut, helping to ease of reading comfortably remove slices of ham, 14 cm, stainless steel with a satin finish
  • Gift includes a ham, is covered to keep the PC at all times; lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects under normal conditions of use certification of ISO 9001 - 2008


Handle of pom Assembled with three rivets. Sharp by specialists to get a perfect cut and durable. Polished finish semi matte. Its quality design and get a precise cutting tool, effective, and durable.
The best way to enjoy the ham is cut fine slices that melt in the mouth, and this is achieved with a knife as this, narrow and flexible. The blade alveolada facilitates the cutting avoiding that the ham is affixed to the blade.
Professionals in the sector of the Court of ham Trust the knives jamoneros 3 Claveles, as José Manuel Hidalgo, CHAMPION OF SPAIN cutting ham 2014, which won the contest cutting with this knife.
Can be washed in a dishwasher, however, to maintain the beauty of the knife and maintain the edge in good condition, hand wash is recommended.
Easy to clean, wash with water and dry with a kitchen towel.
Ham knife 29 cm 11.5 "range Pom (964).
Magnetic Round Sharpening Steel 20 cm 8 "(1600).
"Tongs for food 14 cm 5.5 (1176). Amazon reference: b01 m0upm2 W
Gift covers ham
About 3 Claveles
Prestigious Spanish manufacturer of knives and one of the five most important signatures of the world in its sector. Exported to more than 60 countries in 5 continents.
The more than 80 years of tradition in its manufacture ensure the excellent quality of their articles, combining the automation with the most modern technology and the artisanal tradition, and a total quality control.
The philosophy of the company is based in the constant commitment by the quality, innovation and design, which has led him to become the first Spanish brand and one of the most recognized in the world.