Manchego cheese Cuenca - Spain "Monte Robles"

  • Whole cheese.
  • Weight: 3,1 kg approx.
  • Fromage Manchego artisan moutons.


Manchego cheese artisan sheep in butter with herbs. Features: Cheese made of a completely handmade raw milk of Manchego sheep. In the manufacture of cheese craftsmanship it means the process by which milk is coagulated without high heat treatment. Natural feeding of sheep, with the types of pasture grasses these dry and calcareous soils scarce pastures, give this product a characteristic flavor, aftertaste and very particular aromas. The milk used in this cheese, natural raw material comes mostly from small-scale farms, making the most of natural forage resources where they are located. This cheese so special is unlike others in the flavors that emerge in the course of refining. Its strong and intense flavor, with a slight itching, making it ideal for incoming any meal, accompanied by a good red wine with body. Prepared by: Morales Manchego cheese S.A. Crta. Madrid-Valencia Km. 81,800 Tarancon (Cuenca)