Murcia al Vino drunken goat cheese 450g

  • Murcia al Vino - the 'Drunken Goat' cheese
  • Made using the pasteurised milk of the Murciana Goat
  • The rind is dipped in red wine twice during the ripening process
  • Artisan-made Spanish product - Denomination of Origin Murcia
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A small round of white, medium-textured pasteurised goats milk cheese, made using the milk of the Murciana Goat. The natural rind is dipped twice during the ripening process in red wine, so that the cheese absorbs the fruity, slightly spicy flavour and aroma of the wine and also gives it its nickname of the 'Drunken Goat'! Best drunk with a young red wine to complement the winey flavour of the cheese. Medium textured and made from the milk of the Murciana-Grandina goat.(Denomination of Origin Murcia)