Valdeon Picos Blue Cheese 450g

  • Valdeon 'Picos Blue' cheese from Picos de Europa mountains
  • Made from a mix of pasteurised cow's and goat's milk and matured for three months in rock caves
  • Strong blue cheese similar to Roquefort - great with bitter-sweet pickled green figs
  • The cheese is matured for three months in natural caves, then wrapped in Sycamore leaves
  • Buy artisan Spanish food direct from a UK based company


Valdeon is one of the best known Spanish blue cheeses, from Leon, high in the Picos de Europa mountains, with the outside of the cheese wrapped in Maple leaves. (D.O. Valdeon) Made from a mixture of unpasteurised goat, cows and ewes milk. The cheese is matured for two months in natural caves, rich in Penicillium mould, which penetrates and blues the cheese, creating its strong but not overpowering flavor. Much like Roquefort but less salty. Drink a sweet wine such as Moscatel, or the rich rasiny Pedro Ximenez sherry with this cheese.