Organic Extra Virgin olive oil. 2017-2018 Harvest, Quintaesencia Spanish coupage. Certified organic by S.C. CAAE. Award winning oil. Blend of Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual. 500ml tin

  • The cultivated quintessence, the most pure and tasty which converge the three fundamental principles: live herbaceous pepper of the hojiblanca, with the bitterness and persistent fruity perfume of the arbequina and the picual. This is a "blend" that we produce each harvest, after the selection of our varietal.
  • The cultivated Quintaesencia is elaborated with precision and knowledge of an alchemist. The term "quintessence" is the same perfection, the elixir of life that exists in a degree of purity that turns everything into gold. The old alchemists used this word to refer to the soul or ether.
  • Oil with mid intensities of fruity and predominance of green shades. Very perfumed with herbaceous and vegetal notes, more aromas of Green Apple and wild flowers.
  • In the mouth, highlights the combination of verde-hoja and alloza, persisting in the aftertaste. Low intensity of bitter and pepper free medium. A very balanced and harmonious oil.
  • The pairing of this complete oil depends on ones own creativity, daring and the personal ability to create food in the kitchen. With its complex range of aromas and flavours, the cultivated quintessence combines seamlessly with: -Green Salad with watercress, spinach, Endive or chicory. -Green asparagus. Grill Eggplant; Baked mushrooms or mushrooms. Artichokes stuffed with. -Meat stews. -Stews of lentils or soybean. -Meat grilled and smoked fish. -Manchego cheese -Camperos rice. Paellas. -


Organoleptic Excellence Quintaesencia is an oil suffused with the freshness of green olives: Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual. A taste revealing the spirit of the region. Born where the impossible is possible. Early harvest, Cold extraction. A dream from the south of Cordoba