Spanish Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml - European Organic Certification - 100% Organic, No Chemical Components - Limited Production - Soft Taste - Perfect for be used in haute cuisine - Cold Presse

  • LIMITED PRODUCTION from the first days of harvest and the most select olive varieties: Royal, Temprano and Pico-limón.
  • EUROPEAN ORGANIC OLIVE GROVE CERTIFICATION, our olive oil comes from olives that had been selected from olive trees submitted to an exhaustive control.
  • ZERO CHEMICAL COMPONENTS are involved in the production. All the production process it's made by mechanical method. Without preservatives.
  • ITS INCOMPARABLE TASTE is perfect to be used in haute cuisine, dress, fry our sauté. It's suitable for meat, fish, vegetable, pasta and confectionery.
  • HEALTHY, its content in monounsaturated fats and polyphenols make it incomparable other oils used for cooking. Ideal for pregnant women and children.


Arol Natural Coupage 500 ml bottle

Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil organic certificated by CAAE (ES-ECO-001-AN). Product obtained by a selection of olives recollected from olive groves strictly controlled. Certified organic olive grove submitted to exhaustive inspection to obtain that title.

Arol Natural Coupage is made by mechanical method where chemical components do not take part. This olive oil is exclusive inasmuch as it is the result of a natural varieties mix: Royal, Pico-limón y Temprano. Olives diversity, climate and environment give this production the special characteristics it have.

This product is cold pressed that come from early harvest and limited production for being from the first collection days.

Arol Nautal Coupage has a soft taste perfect for be used in haute cuisine. Combine with every kind of food even with drinks, meat, pasta, fish, vegetables, sauces, creams, cocktails and desserts.

Olive oil is part of Arol family's DNA, considering that has been part of its lifestyle from generation to generation. They have continued with the tradition of making olive oil, being transmitted the millennial knowledge that they already own in the Old Rome. Our company offers this olive oil with the quality and reputation family commitment since many years ago.

Olive oil is internationally recognized because of its healthy proprieties, and also because it's the Mediterranean diet base. Studies around the world prove effectiveness against certain pathologies. With the years they are discovered new uses for this liquid that not only nourish but also can improve quality of life.