Oro del Desierto Organic Spanish Olive Oil Coupage - 500ml

  • Award winning Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Top quality Organic Olive Oil Cold pressed, single estate Presented in beautiful rustic bottle with cork stopper and pourer
  • Perfect for dipping as well as salads, vegetables, meats & fish
  • Volume: 500 ml


"Oro Del Desierto" is made from olives produced in the Tabernas Desert in Almeria in Andulucia. This is one of Europe's few remaining deserts and this one is also famous as the setting for many well known "Spaghetti" westerns! The environment, with its unique climate and around 3000 hours of sun per year, produces an olive oil with an outstanding taste and aroma qualities. The olives are hand picked at their optimum ripeness. The first oils are produced between the end of October and beginning of November from Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual varieties. These oils are stored in 2000 litre deposits where they are analysed and then carefully selected by the master taster and blender in varying quantities and blended to create a superb olive oil with a limited production. With olive oils you might see a parameter described of "Free Acidity". "Oro Del Desierto" Organic extra virgin olive oil has a maximum free acidity of 0.1º, the lowest one in the market. A low free acidity indicates freshness and good quality the olives for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Like wine, olive oil has its own "tasting notes" and here are the ones for our "Oro Del Desierto" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Aroma/bouquet: Touches of recently cut grass, tomato, green olive and hints of citrus and dried fruits less notable. Flavour/taste: Smooth with light bitterness almost unnoticeable, peppery finish. Pleasant after taste with a persistent olive flavour and small after notes of spices.